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Help Us Help Them!

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Our mission is to help, feed, clothe, house, and educate the sick, needy, and orphaned children of the world… not for a month, not for a year; but until they reach 18 years of age and are capable of providing for themselves… and when that child has reached maturity… we simply sponsor another. Our goal is to sponsor millions of children, not just in our lifetime but into perpetuity.

A legacy of helping those who have been extinguished… raising tomorrow’s leaders. Will your sponsored child be the next pastor, doctor, nurse, prime minister, pilot… or the best mom or dad that they can be to the next generation of children… or both?


Help Us Help Them

When people are told of the plight of kids in third-world countries, they often envision the lowest level of poverty that they have witnessed in the US. What they fail to understand is that poverty in the US would be considered “upper-middle-class” in most countries where we are helping kids!

The Need:

Decency, honor, bravery

Due to the ravages of AIDS, 50,000,000 children were orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa alone… and what about the rest of the world? Won’t You Make A Difference Today By Donating Or Supporting A Child?


Help people around the world

We sponsor and/or assist orphans all over the globe. If you have a preference regarding nationality or gender; simply let us know and we will do what we can.


Everyone deserves their chance

To aid as many kids as possible not just in our lifetime but into perpetuity. Someday, we want to be known throughout the world as the organization that responded whenever a kid had a problem.

Our Work in Action

Your Support IS The Difference
Between Life & Death

Each donation matters, even the smallest ones. Regularly donate $2 (average price of coffee in the USA) and an orphan’s life will get better! Donate a mere $35 per month and support a child yourself! Consider donating 1% of your monthly income … it actually is painless, but will provide needed support for these orphans!

Remember that Doc & Shirley pay all of the administrative costs of FTFM so that 100% of your donations go to the kids.

Donors with deeper pockets please contact us and we will help set up the kind of support for orphans that you’d like to be a part of.